The Burnout

It’s been a year or may be a couple since I last wrote.

The constant ebb and flow of my practice just pronounces the ever permanent nature of change.

All I know right now is this: I love yoga. I love the practice. I love the philosophy. I love what it’s done to my life. I intend to grow old with it.

Having said that, I am currently having a moment of pause. In fact, allowing myself distractions as I am still trying to put a finger on what’s happening now. But perhaps that is the point, to not label it.

Perhaps the point is to live in the moment and not be overcome by the pleasant/ unpleasant/ neutral sensations and emotions about this current experience. No matter how long it takes. And that, my friend, is a practice in itself.

Let go. Let be. Let in.

Trusting the process of rebirth.

One thought on “The Burnout

  1. Dear Wise Friend, let me share a little something. I had to undergo a small operation in early May this year and I could not practice for a few weeks the way I’m used to. What I did to stay connected was that I would sometimes just nap in a sunny spot on my mat. Like a cat. I know you’ll find your way through. And I keep practicing for you while you figure your way back to the sunny spot on your mat. And in the meantime, I would love to set up a skype date, it has been too long… With love and more love, eeva (walking to the mindfulness practice at the office, to send you metta)


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