The Yinside

In 2009, due to much frustration with my ashtanga practice, I learned about yin yoga. I liked it almost instantly due to the fact that it appealed to my kapha side, which likes matters to have a more gentle approach.

I remember the first few times I practiced it – my pitta brain was on fire! Not only was it an asana practice, but also a practice on patience, which at that time, was not one of my best traits. Even now, it’s still a work in progress. =)

Through the years and with patience, I learned to enjoy it. It was a love that unfolded slowly as I tested my limits in the shape of an asana; as I resolved to stay still; as I slowly increased my time in a pose.

All I can say is, yin yoga has its own benefits to the practitioner. But one has to go through it to experience it for one’s self. Just like any practice – asana, meditation, pranayama.

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